The end

Today we concluded the experiments concerning the design of a small-scale granule extruder for the RepRap machine. The final result is a working extruder that leaves plenty of room for improvements.
In the report that will be available on this forum one can take a look at the documentation we made of this research. We hope you will enjoy reading this paper and give us you opinion.

on behalf of the team,

Jasper Flohil

RepRap granule extruder – TUDelft


6 Responses to “The end”

  1. jbayless Says:

    Congratulations! It looks like both of our projects are done. I’m very impressed by your report. (It reminds me that I should have put mechanical drawings in our appendix… oops!)

  2. Studie zum Granulat Extruder | GRRF Says:

    […] Quelle: RepRap TU Delft […]

  3. MartinPrice Says:

    This is a great report. I hope it inspires people to use recycled or granular plastic. The only thing I did notice was that in Figure 5.1 of you report, the worm drive mechanism wont work. It is the wrong way round to drive the screw thread. Worm drives only work with the worm driving the gear not the other way around.

  4. Reinout Heeck Says:

    Very inspiring, my mind is racing now trying to figure out how to create the screw with simple tools. One could try to create a poor mans lathe by adding a rotational axis to a reprap and use files instead of chisels. Thanks a million!

  5. Erik de Bruijn Says:

    Thanks. This was an interesting read. I will re-read it as soon as I start doing experiments again. I had also done some quick tests with PP and discovered that water helped reduce the acceleration of the plastics so that they wouldn’t just rotate along with the blades. Its nice to see that you had a similar result.
    If I have time I will probably investigate if a piston based extruder would be able to create a consistent output. Adrian Bowyer also had some success with that. The screw seems to have many complexities and may indeed need high-tolerance and custom manufacturing.

  6. recycle Says:

    Here’s a video that I came across on YouTube which relates to Seventh Generation, one of the advocates of corporate social responsibility worldwide. This was a recent interview by GreenopolisTV with Seventh Generation’s co-founder, Dave Rapaport

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