Working test setup!

In our final attempt to create a working version of the extruder, we had a new screw machined and made sure the whole setup was fastened, so nothing could get bent this time. We fed the machine some of our finest created granule and waited. It took a long time and we wanted to stop the test, but finally ‘something’ came out of our nozzle. After that, it kept on extruding, reaching speeds of about 25 mm per minute.

We are very glad with this result. At the end of this day, we have about 4 of these extruded rods:

Although we have many questions and ideas for further testing at the moment, we do not have enough time to test everything, since our paper’s deadline is in one week from now. We are focusing on analysing the current results. like strength and transparency. However, we noticed something: there were serious metal parts in our result:

Since this probably comes from friction between our screw and the extruding tube (there were some vibrations), we think it is not profitable to analyse motor stats to see which motor is needed for the RepRap. The motor looses power on the friction. That’s why we need to document and analyse everything that happened today, to have some recommendations in our paper.

Have a nice weekend!


3 Responses to “Working test setup!”

  1. Adrie Kooijman Says:

    Thumbs up and congratulations from Italy!

  2. lasertex Says:

    after looking at the material used i noticed metel shavings just use a magnet prior to use its what they do in industry

  3. Nik Says:

    Great work team, very impressively hacked together!

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