Some updates on printing and shredding

After a morning of a lot of printing problems, we decided that it just takes too much time to make perfect prints, without having the specific knowledge of how it is put together and which wire controls which module. For the moment, we will put all object printing activity to a hold. If we will develop a direct add-on to the RepRap, we have decided to just design the parts in the spirit of RepRap parts (that is: a RepRap can print them) and then we will have to wait for feedback from the community if it is really printable and okay to use in a realistic setting.

About the shredding, Gijs has done some research to various shredders and blenders, but it is really hard to find some sort of mechanism that is used in industrial shredding and that can be scaled down for domestic use. We decided to take a more practical approach and see how it goes from there. We will try to modify an existing domestic appliance for use in shredding or cutting the milk bottles, because we think people that currently use a RepRap will be able to modify their blenders :-). We will also try to recycle printed RepRap ABS to be able to reuse that in a later stadium.

With this in mind, we went to a secondhand shop in the centre of Delft. We came back with this baby:

More coming soon!


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