Some advice from a professional

Last wednesday we had a meeting with Rolf Koster, who is an expert on plastics and molding. We discussed the feasibiliy of our project and the steps needed to achieve our goals.

The opinion of an expert was like a treshold for our specific research, so we were glad to hear Rolf was very enthousiastic. He showed us a plastics shredder and the molding machine avaible on our faculty. We discussed wat kind of tool we should use for the extrusion of the PE into the reprap. Instead of using a screw to force the PE through the extrusion head in our case it might be better to use a piston.

During the rest of our we project we can count on the help of Rolf, which makes a great difference for us because his expertise on plastics helps us a lot. We will have several more meeting in the coming weeks.


6 Responses to “Some advice from a professional”

  1. Giles Bathgate Says:

    The spelling and grammar in this post is awful.

    Some advice from a professional. not Some Advise of the professional

    achieve not archive

    expert not axpert

    enthusiastic not enthousiastic

    I don’t know what you mean by reachability. This is all pretty rich coming from me, since my spelling and grammar is known to be pretty atrocious.

  2. reprapdelft Says:

    Thanks for your comments, I’ve edited the post.

    We would however like to point out that this blog is not meant for complete documentation. When we are done with our project, a paper will be written for handing in. This paper will, of course, be checked and double checked for spelling and grammatical errors, but in the mean time, this blog is just to let each other and our supervisors know what we are up to at the moment. It is a tool for us to be able to retell our story for a report a couple of months from now. ‘The rest of the world’ is important, but since it takes a lot of time for us to focus on these kinds of grammatical mistakes, a compromise (that is: provide a lot of information on this blog, but just type it quick since we don’t have a lot of time) was made.

    Please have in mind while reading this blog that English isn’t our native language. Although the level of speaking and writing English in the Netherlands is pretty good in general, it is just taking too much time (that we don’t have) to type everything correctly. Some things like dyslexia, which some team members have, are not helping as well.


  3. olderdog Says:

    SO how did he suggest a piston would work for continuous feed, or would it be a batch process then?

  4. aka47 Says:


    I am more interested in that people do blgo and psto than that they are expert lunguists.


    Thanks for the information it is good and well received, despite criticism.

  5. aka47 Says:


  6. reprapdelft Says:

    @ olderdog

    If you think about it really quick it would be a batch process, but we feel that would be a problem for the future. In this stage of the process we would like to keep all options open, because we don’t want to kill an idea just because we can’t think of anything in a snap.

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